Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What flooring services do you provide?

Divine 5 Flooring provides sales of materials and installation. We do NOT provide refurbishing or maintenance of existing floors; carpet cleaning, sanding and refinishing of wood, resealing of tile or stone, etc.

Q: Do you service commercial and residential properties?

Yes. We specialize in residential, but we also do commercial work

Q. What flooring products do you use?

We use a large variety of product that will differ from home to home that consists of but not limited to carpet, wood, tile, and luxury vinyl plank.

Q. How do I know what flooring option is going to be the best fit for my home?

By trusting our 18+ years of experience in the industry and our free in-home design consultation.

Q. Do you offer free estimates?

We do offer free estimates provided our company is supplying and installing materials.

Q. What is luxury flooring?

Luxury flooring would be considered an upgrade to a builders base grade and can increase quality many times over

Q. Do you do flooring installs and repairs? We do installation on jobs where we provide the materials. We will do repairs for any job that we have installed.

We will NOT repair any work installed by a different contractor

Q. What are the signs that I need my flooring replaced?

Wear and tear, update your style and look, refresh a home for the purpose of selling, tenants moving in or out

Q. Will you help me pick a flooring that will best fit me?

Yes, we will help qualify you by asking a series of questions that will help find a product that fits your budget, your lifestyle needs, and a style that fits your homes personality.

Q. Why is it important to hire a professional flooring contractor?

The most important part about flooring is not just choosing the right product, but also how it is properly installed. Its never cheaper if you need to do it twice.

Q. What sets you apart from your competition?

Direct customer service from a husband and wife team that is always responsive and strive for perfection