About Us

We are a husband and wife run company and believe that positivity promotes productivity, that the best careers are the ones that grow with you. At Divine 5 Flooring LLC, Grant and Julie are the dynamic duo behind the curtains. Both adding a different set of skills and assets to the company providing a perfect power team setting.

Grant has 14 years experience in the flooring industry. He started out in sales and worked his way up to owning a successful multi-million dollar flooring company. After making the decision to move his family to Texas, he is committed to recreating a company here with the same morals and values. Being a US Army Ranger and Paratrooper, he tries to integrate his military morals of respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage, loyalty, and duty into not only his personal life, but to Divine 5 Flooring LLC as well. He runs his staff and employees the same as he would his own military unit and a family where honesty, loyalty, integrity, and hard work are heavily rewarded.

Julie has extensive sales and operations experience in positions including retail, medical fields as en EMT and Phlebomist, and finally transitioning to a more corporate position in international trading industries. She has facilitated administration changes and strategic staffing initiatives including assessment, interviewing, and training. With her wealth of knowledge in different industries and having 12 years experience on the side in residential remodeling and decorating, she brings a woman's touch to any project as well as a vast understanding of intimate customer relationships.

Together, we are dedicated to our foundational values of synergy, passion, excellence, and integrity. These values guide the work that we do and are the heart of every decision we make ensuring that our client's project needs are met.

We understand that each project is different and each customer's taste is unique to their own style; and that the only way to provide quality service is through extensive product knowledge, attention to detail, and expert installation. Therefore, we make a continuous effort to expand our knowledge of all the latest trends, products, and installation techniques on the market.

At Divine 5 Flooring LLC, you find more than just a person selling you flooring. You find a partner, someone to help you implement your design ideas and dream. Our showroom combines the agility of a startup with the resources and opportunities of a well-established and reputable company. Providing our customers with reliable products at competitive prices.